Nationally listed buildings

Owning a listed building

What is listed? 

All of the building inside and out is listed. There is no such thing as just a listed frontage or listed chimney breast - although many people think this is the case.  

Anything fixed to a listed building is also listed. Any structure in the grounds which was there before 1948 (even if not fixed to the listed building) is itself listed as a curtilage structure. This includes boundary walls, gates and garden walls. 

Making changes or repairing a listed building 

The building is protected by law, and if you want to carry out work or make changes to a listed building you will probably need listed building consent, including demolition, alterations and extensions. 

Even relatively minor works, such as painting, may affect the character of a listed building and it is advisable to contact our conservation officer before starting any works. 

The setting of a listed building is also an important factor when changes or extensions are being considered. 

If you own listed building and want to make changes or carry about repairs, please first contact us. We also have more information about carrying out work on a listed building. 

More information 

We have produced a downloadable leafet which provides guidance on how to look after or live in a listed building.

Contact the Conservation Officer