Nationally listed buildings

Historic building grant scheme

We run a small grant scheme which helps with the cost of repairs to historic buildings in the borough.

What is eligible?

The main aim is to encourage high quality traditional repairs using materials which match the original historic fabric. It is important that you do not start work before we have offered a grant. We cannot pay a grant for work which has already been carried out.

Conversions, routine maintenance, the provision or renewal of services, alterations and redecoration are not eligible. You will also not usually be eligible for a grant if you have just purchased the building.

Level of grant

  • 20% grants towards eligible work is given towards a listed building
  • 10% grants for an architecturally or historically important building within a conservation area or buildings which are included on the Register of Locally Important Buildings and Structures (local list)
  • 5% grants for other architecturally or historically significant buildings

Our resources for funding heritage works are limited and, therefore, there is a current maximum grant of £5000.

How do I apply?

You are encouraged to first discuss your work by contacting the Conservation Officer on 01782 717717.

You will then need to complete an application form which will be provided and include two competitive quotations for the eligible work.

Contact the Conservation Officer