Annual canvass

Door knock or telephone call

Properties will only receive door knocks or telephone calls where we have not received a response to a ‘CCB’ letter or a canvass form.

Staff who carry out door knocks will always be able to prove they are employed by the council. If you are in any doubt regarding this, please contact us.

Staff who carry out telephone calls will ask you to confirm your name and will then run through the information we hold on the system for you to confirm if this is correct. We will only gather information on the names of the people in residence at the property and specific questions regarding your electoral registration. If you are in any doubt as to whether the telephone call you have received is genuine, please contact us.

If you miss a door knock or a telephone call from us, a staff member will attempt to reach you again. In order to prevent this second contact, please return your ‘CCB’ letter or canvass form.