Kidsgrove Town Deal projects

Following a call for projects, local people and organisations sent in over 25 project ideas.

AECOM devised a prioritisation method (PDF 340 KB) which the Board approved and is available to download and print out.

All projects were scored against several factors such as:

  • cost
  • fit with local strategies
  • how easy they would be to deliver
  • whether they met the requirements of the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) guidance

After scoring all the projects, three main objectives stood out for Kidsgrove.

Project development groups worked up the ideas in more detail ready for inclusion in the final town investment plan (TIP) (external link to a PDF document). The Board submitted the TIP to MHCLG in October 2020.

Kidsgrove Town Deal video

There is a useful summary of the Kidsgrove Town Deal in the video below submitted along with the TIP.

Business cases

The next phase of the Town Deal process requires the development of full business cases for each agreed project, in line with HM Treasury's Green Book.

Sub-groups have been set up for each of the three objectives in the TIP to help produce these green book compliant business cases. These sub-groups comprise board members and representatives from other organisations with relevant skills.