Housing assistance policy

The local context

In 2019 the population of Newcastle-under-Lyme was 129,441 people. This was an increase of 4 % (5,337) since 2012. Of these people:

  • 18.1% (23,481) were children aged under 18
  • 61.2 % (79,198) were adults aged 18 to 64
  • 20.7% (26,762) were aged 65 and over
  • 2.8% (3,562) of the resident population were 85 and over

The population has a lower proportion of people aged under five and under 16 compared to England. There are more people aged 16-64 and 65 and over in Newcastle-under-Lyme compared to average.

The overall population of Newcastle-under-Lyme is projected to increase between 2017 and 2027 by 5% with a significant growth in people aged 65 and over (15%) and aged 85 and over (27%). The rate of increase in the number of older people in Newcastle-under Lyme is faster than the England average and equates to 900 additional residents aged 85 and over by 2027.

Our housing strategy sets out our strategic housing priorities and details a range of actions we intend to take in partnership with relevant partners and stakeholders to support residents to access good quality, suitable and affordable housing while preventing homelessness and rough sleeping. Priorities include working in partnership to deliver an efficient and responsive grants service for adaptations.