Apply for a new premises licence

How to apply

To complete and submit your application for a new licence, please visit our page on the Gov.UK website.  You will need a card to make the payment

Apply for a licence

You will be able download the application form and then follow the online process to submit your application along with any supporting documents.

If you do not submit your application online, you will need to send the application to all the responsible authorities.

What happens next?

Once an application is received in full, we will confirm the start and end dates for representation and newspaper advert. 

The notices will need to be clearly displayed on the premises on pale blue paper and the font size must be 16 or greater and must be displayed for the full consultation period.

The newspaper advert needs to be placed by you on one occasion within 10 working days from the start of the consultation period.  The dates will be confirmed by the licensing team and you are advised to await confirmation as it will cost you around £350-£400 to place the advert. 

How long does it take?

There is a 28-day consultation period that is agreed with the Licensing Team.