About your rights

The right to restrict processing

You have the right to request the restriction of your personal data in certain circumstances and where you have a particular reason for wanting the restriction. This may be because you have issues with the content of the information that the council holds or how we have processed your data.

In most cases we will not be required to restrict your personal data indefinitely, but we will need to have the restriction in place for a certain period of time. When processing is restricted, we are permitted to store the personal data, but not use it.

You can request restriction of processing in the following circumstances:

  • you contest the accuracy of your personal data and the council is verifying the accuracy of the data
  • the data has been unlawfully processed (i.e. in breach of the lawfulness requirement of the first principle of the GDPR) and the individual opposes erasure and requests restriction instead

Normally we will respond within one calendar month of receiving your request and proof of identification.