Dual hackney carriage and private hire vehicle licence

Notifying us of convictions and offences

As a dual driver licence holder, you need to let us know if you get any convictions (including motoring convictions), warnings, advisories or are arrested.

You need to do so within 72 hours so we recommend that you notify us as soon as possible. Please notify us by completing the online form:

Notify us of convictions and offences

If you are awaiting a court date or for your driving licence to be updated, please notify us anyway and keep us updated as soon as you receive the sentence.

It is also important that you keep a note of your convictions for future applications as you will be expected to list them all on the form or it may be deemed that you are trying to be dishonest with us. If you are unsure, then you can contact the licensing team for more information.

Convictions are considered under appendix J of the taxi licensing policy. It may be that action will be taken against your licence as a result of the conviction but you will be kept advised of the outcome and there will be the opportunity to appeal if the decision is to suspend, refuse or revoke your licence.