What a fixed penalty notice can be issued for

Offences connected with a waste bin

We provide a range of waste collection and recycling services to residents across the borough and encourage residents to separate their waste, store it correctly, and place it at set collection points in time for our crews to collect it.

We can issue fixed penalties if householders put waste out so it:

  • causes an obstruction to neighbours, such as forcing people using wheelchairs or buggies to walk on the road
  • restricts access to the pavement or street, for example leaving waste receptacles (bins or bags) out for several days
  • is likely to attract vermin like foxes and rats, such as leaving bags or open receptacles out days before a waste collection
  • is unsightly (torn bags or overturned receptacles are left out) 

Penalties can be issued after we have provided a:

  • written warning
  • notice of intent
  • final notice


  • £75 if paid within 10 days
  • £100 if paid on day 11-14 after the penalty was issued


Environmental Protection Act 1990 Section 46 or 47.

Pay a fixed penalty notice

If you have been issued a fixed penalty notice, please pay the fine within the time frame.

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