What a fixed penalty notice can be issued for

Vehicle repairs and sale offences

Repairing a vehicle on the highway

It is an offence for anyone to carry out repairs, maintenance and other work to a vehicle on a road unless they are repairs resulting from an accident or a breakdown within 72 hours of happening.

Selling a vehicle

It is an offence to leave two or more motor vehicles parked within 500 metres of each other on a road or roads where they are exposed or advertised for sale. Road can include highway verge.  Other controls may apply to private land, such as planning permission.

A fine of up to £2,500 can be issued by the court on conviction.


£100 if paid within 14 days after the penalty was issued.


Sections 3 & 4, 6(10) Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act 2005.

Pay a fixed penalty notice

If you have been issued a fixed penalty notice, please pay the fine within the time frame.

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