Making a representation to a premises licence application

When applicants want to apply for a new licence, or vary their existing one (for example to put on additional activities or extend their hours), they must advertise the application by placing a notice at or on the premises and in a newspaper.

Placing a notice at or on the premises

This must be:

  • on A4 (or larger), pale blue paper
  • printed legibly in black ink or typed in a font of at least 16
  • placed prominently at, on or near the premises where it can be conveniently read from the exterior of the premises
  • placed every 50 metres on the external perimeter of the premises abutting any highway (where applicable)

Placing a notice in a newspaper

It is important that:

  • the newspaper circulation must be in the vicinity of the premises (or if there isn’t a local paper, in a local newsletter or circular)
  • the advertisement will be at least once in the 10 days following the application being given to the licensing authority

You can see full details of the application on our licensing register and then proceed to make an objection.