Making a representation to a premises licence application

What does a frivolous or vexatious representation mean?

'Frivolous' or 'vexatious' will bear their ordinary meaning. Whether representations are frivolous or vexatious will be for the licensing authority to determine.

For example, the licensing authority might find the representations were vexatious if they arise because of disputes between rival businesses or they might be frivolous representations if they plainly lacked seriousness.

You cannot make representations anonymously, even if somebody else (e.g. a local MP or councillor) is making the representation on your behalf. This is because the licensing authority needs to be satisfied that the person making the representation is not being vexatious.

It is also important that an applicant is able to respond to a representation if they believe that it is not a 'relevant' representation.

If you are concerned about possible intimidation, you could consider asking the police, or another appropriate responsible authority to make a representation on your behalf.