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Business Continuity

What is Business Continuity Management?

Business Continuity Management is defined by the Business Continuity Institute as "a holistic management process that identifies potential impacts that threaten an organisation and provides a framework for building resilience with the capability for an effective response that safeguards the interests of its key stakeholders, reputation, brand and value-creating activities". This means looking at the risks to your business and taking steps to reduce or possibly eliminate the identified risks. For those risks that cannot be eliminated, a Business Continuity Plan will be required to minimise the impact if the risk occurred.

Disruptions can affect any organisation and no business is immune to their effects. These issues could be internal or community-based problems. Examples include:

  • natural disasters such as flooding or snow
  • utilities failure
  • loss of staff, for example a flu pandemic
  • industrial action, either internally or externally
  • loss of, or denial of, access to work premises
  • loss of ICT technology
  • suppliers or contractors going out of business.

Every organisation, whether in the public or private sector, should review its activities and consider the threats it faces. Steps can then be made to plan and protect the business before any of these threats materialise. That way your organisation is significantly more likely to recover and return to "business as usual". Any disruption to normal business activities can affect customer relationships and your reputation.

It won’t happen to me

Emergencies and business disruption don't just happen to other companies. In addition, they often occur suddenly without warning. Any of the incidents mentioned above can threaten your business. Being prepared reassures your customers and suppliers and demonstrates you take Business Continuity resilience seriously.

Assisting local businesses

The Civil Contingencies Act 2004, places a duty on Newcastle-under-Lyme Borough Council, as a Category 1 Responder, to provide local businesses (including voluntary organisations) with advice on Business Continuity Management. The council in partnership with Staffordshire Civil Contingencies Unit has produced the following useful information (see Useful Documents panel), which provides guidance for your business when considering Business Continuity.

Business Continuity at Newcastle-under-Lyme Borough Council

The council has its own Corporate Business Continuity Plan covering the strategic level response by the council should a major incident occur. This plan would be invoked, facilitating the continuation of providing critical service activities.

Where to find additional information

If you would like to discuss Business Continuity in more detail, please contact Andrew Marcus on 01782 742373 or e-mail: andrew.marcus@newcastle-staffs.gov.uk

Last updated 22 January 2019

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