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Newcastle Town Centre Supplementary Planning Document

Town Centre Supplementary Planning Document

This supplementary planning document (SPD) supports the strategy and policies for Newcastle town centre in the Core Strategy, which was adopted in 2009.  The Core Strategy presents the vision for the town centre as one of the areas given special attention. It also indicates how the provisions for housing, office development and retail will be accommodated in the town centre. The supplementary planning document carries much of the detail, including the spatial framework for the town centre, though as an SPD it does not form part of the formal development plan.

The SPD was formally adopted by Cabinet on 14 January 2009.

A companion document has also been prepared.  This sets out the details of the community involvement and consultation, and supporting strategies, plans and evidence base.  This also includes a list of all individuals and bodies who were consulted and a table giving brief summaries of the issues raised in the representations ad how these influenced the final version of the SPD.

Town Centre SPD Companion Document

North Staffordshire Integrated Economic Development Strategy (2005) (PDF 275kb):  This document formed part of the evidence base for this SPD.

Area Action Plan Summary Leaflet

Taylor Young Report 2006

Eastern Gateways Study Part 1

Eastern Gateways Study Part 2

Eastern Gateways Study Part 3

Eastern Gateways Study Part 4

Western Edge Study Part 1

Western Edge Study Part 2

Newcastle-under-Lyme Community Strategy

Last updated 5 January 2016

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