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Strategic Housing Land Availability - Previous Assessments 2008 to 2013

Previous assessments and related information are available here

Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA) 2012/13

2012/13 SHLAA Report

Appendix 1 - Spatial Area Map

Appendix 2 - Schedule of Sites

Appendix 3 - Site Maps

Appendix 4 - Excluded Sites from the 2012-13 SHLAA (including maps and in addition to those excluded from the 2010-11 SHLAA)

Appendix 5 - Maps of excluded sites from the 2010-11 SHLAA

Appendix 6 - Site Survey Proforma

2011/12 SHLAA Update

Prior to publication of the 2011/12 SHLAA and commencing the first stage of public consultation on the Site Allocations and Policies Development Plan Document, a Draft 2011/12 SHLAA was subject to a focused consultation with development industry stakeholders.

A key purpose of this consultation was to use the experience of the development industry, to test the assumptions, judgements and findings of officers in relation to the delivery and capacity of sites identified in the Draft SHLAA 2011/12 (not published).

The results of this part of the consultation, which formally ended on 5 April, have been reflected in the 2012/13 SHLAA. The Stakeholder Consultation Document and associated Consultation Response Form can be viewed below:

Stakeholder Consultation Document

Consultation Response Form

2010/11 SHLAA

2010/2011 SHLAA Report

Appendix 7 Maps of Excluded Sites

Appendix 8 Index of Sites

Appendix 9 Index of Excluded Sites

2008 SHLAA Summary

The 2008 Summary Document, published in September 2008, reviews the results of an initial survey undertaken by the Council.  This document was intended to inform those who contributed to the process and other interested parties.

2008 Summary Document

A methodology document, prepared in February 2008, set out how the Council intended to carry out the assessment. The section relating to Stage 3 of the Assessment was revised following comments received during the consultation period.

2008 Methodology Document

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