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Swimming Pool Covid-19 Measures

  • You will have to pre-book a lane on the Jubilee2 booking system. You will not be allowed into the centre if you have not pre-booked.
  • Members will  be able to book their pool session up to 7 days in advance, pay as you go members will be able to book up to 3 days in advance.
  • The booking system will go ‘live’ for swimming on Monday 27th July 2020
  • When you come for your pre-booked swim, arrive on time, in your swimming costume/trunks ready for your swim. 
  • You may have to wait outside for a little while, but a member of our team will let you know when to come in
  • Use the hand sanitisers provided. 
  • Cubicles and lockers have been numbered. Swimmers must use the same numbered cubicle and locker so not to cross contaminate.
  • Once you've changed, please take a quick pre-swim shower.
  • People of different standards and abilities will use the pool. Please respect their right to enjoy their swim.
  • Swimming sessions will be available for customers 12-15 when accompanied  by a parent  and  for anyone aged over 16.

Once in the water, to ensure everyone has a safe and enjoyable swim, please follow these guidelines:

  • Always follow the directional arrows for lanes 
  • Avoid wide strokes like the butterfly
  • Maintain appropriate social distance between yourself and other swimmers.
  • Do not overtake.
  • Before pushing off at each turn, check to see if anyone faster is approaching. If there is, let them pass. Move to the edge of the lane and turn your head away to let them turn without stopping. The same applies if you need to stop for a rest or a drink
  • You can use personal equipment as long as it doesn’t affect social distancing
  • If you change to a slower stroke as part of your session, think about moving lanes
  • Bring your own pre-filled water bottle so you can stay hydrated.
  • After your swim, leave the pool promptly following the exit signs.
  • You can take a quick post-swim shower after your swim.

Swim timetable

How to Use the Online Booking System

Book a class online

Due to Covid-19 not all activities listed below are available

Whatever your age or ability, swimming is a great activity if you want to get fit, stay active and feel great. Whether you’re a serious swimmer who likes to compete, someone who just wants to burn a few calories, or you want to relax and have some fun with your family, there’s a swimming session for you at Jubilee2.

There’s a wide range of swimming activities to choose from, including:

  • Aqua fitness sessions
  • General and family swimming sessions
  • Swimtag - wearable technology that records your swim, including number of lengths, calories burned and much more
  • Learn to swim (adults)
  • Learn to swim (children)
  • Home to Newcastle Amateur Swimming Club
  • Rookie Lifeguard Programme
  • Aqua Gym
  • Royal Lifesaving Society (RLSS) Accreditor Training Centre
  • Home to Stoke Free Octopush Club

Our aim is for everyone to have a relaxing and enjoyable time at Jubilee2, which is why we have an admission policy in place to make sure we provide a safe environment for all of our customers.

Please take a moment to read our policy:-

Children under eight years old must be supervised according to these ratios:

  • Children aged three years old and under need one adult to supervise one child
  • Children aged four to seven years old need one adult to supervise two children
  • Children aged eight years old and above are able to use the pool unaccompanied. However, any child who is not a confident swimmer must be supervised regardless of age.

For more details of our extensive pool programme, please follow this link


Adult Swim - Standard       £6.00
Adult Swim - Lyme Card    £5.40
Adult Swim - Concession   £4.00*

Junior Swim - Standard      £3.00
Junior Swim - Lyme Card   £2.70
Children under 3 years       Free

*You must join our Lyme Card Concession Scheme to qualify for this which is £5.50 for an annual membership.


Last updated 24 July 2020