Local plan evidence base

Green belt assessment part 2 (2020)

The green belt part 2 work comprises 3 documents which were produced during 2019/20 to support the joint local plan as it had been identified green belt release would be required to meet the housing need. Some of the conclusions of the reports are of relevance to the now discontinued joint local plan only, and it is not clear whether green belt release will be required at this stage in the plan making process.

Green belt part 2 assessment study

This report prepares a site review methodology and completes site assessments for the green belt sites being considered for release through the emerging joint local plan.

Exceptional circumstances review

This report provides a critical friend review of the current exceptional circumstances case when considered against national policy, case law and good practice.

Green belt village full report

The purpose of this study is to independently and objectively assess the extent to which villages washed over by the green belt meet the national planning policy framework (NPPF) requirements of paragraph 140.

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