A-Z of recycling


Paint tins - household waste recycling centres only

Padded envelopes (with bubble wrap) - grey bin

Paper - blue bag

Perfume / Aftershave bottles - blue bin

Pet food pouches - grey bin (most supermarkets)

Pet food tins - blue bin

Pet waste - grey bin

Pillows and duvets - grey bin

Pizza boxes (clean) - blue bag

Pizza boxes (with food on) - grey bin

Plant pots (ceramic and plastic) - grey bin

Plants and weeds - brown lidded bin (if subscribed to the garden waste service) or grey bin

Plasterboard - some household waste recycling centres only. Check the plasterboard disposal page on the Staffordshire County Council website for further information.

Plastic bottles - blue bin

Plastic bottle tops - blue bin

Plastic food pots, tubs and trays - blue bin

Plastic toys - grey bin

Plastic wrap - grey bin (most supermarkets)

Polystyrene - grey bin

Power leads - household waste recycling centres only

Pringles tube packaging - grey bin

Pump tops from hand wash bottles - blue bin

Pyrex - grey bin

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