A-Z of recycling


Cables - household waste recycling centres only

Car batteries - household waste recycling centres only

Card - blue bag

Cardboard - blue bag

Carrier bags  - grey bin (most supermarkets)

Cartons / tetra Pak - grey bin

Catalogues - blue bag

Ceramics - grey bin

Cereal boxes - blue bag

Christmas decorations - grey bin

Cling film - grey bin

Clothing and footwear - household waste recycling centres or grey bin

Coat hangers - grey bin

Coffee pods/capsules - blue bin

Contact lenses - grey bin

Crutches - contact provider

Cooking oil - household waste recycling centres only

Cotton buds - grey bin

Cotton wool - grey bin

Crisp packets - grey bin (most supermarkets)

Crockery - grey bin

Cushions - grey bin

Cutlery - grey bin

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