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All sorts of card, from small packets to greetings cards, and larger packaging need to be put into the green box. If you have very large boxes, please try to break them down.  If you have a very large amount of card we may not be able to take it, as it may mean that our collection vehicle would have to make a special journey to our yard to unload.  If you regularly have a lot of card, please ask for another green box.  If you only have lots of card occasionally, you may need to put it out over two collections, or take it to the tip.  

We bale card, and send it to be pulped and turned into new packaging.

Need a new or extra box?

Use this online form to order replacement containers.

Live in a flat?

Follow this link to find out more about your cardboard recycling facilities if you live in a flat.

When is your collection day?

Cardboard is collected every week; follow this link to find out when.

Last updated 23 September 2019

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