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A to Z of items for Recycling and Waste

Getting the right thing in the right container is really important.  If your household waste bin only has things in it which can’t be recycled, then you’ll have plenty of room in it.  This is very important if people in your household use nappies or incontinence pads, or if you are a big family.
If the wrong things end up in your recycling bin or bag we won’t be able to empty them for you.  We’ll put a bright sticker on it asking you to take the container back in until the next fortnightly collection, and that will be followed up with a letter advising how to use the services properly.
It’s really important that only the right recycling materials get collected, as rejected loads cost the Council a lot of money, and waste the efforts of residents who do use their containers properly.
Staffordshire County Council runs household waste recycling centres where you can take extra recyclable materials, things which don’t fit in your household rubbish bin, household electrical items, and lots of other things.

The table shows the right containers for a large range of items.

A to Z of items for Recycling and Waste in table form
Item Blue Bag (Recycling) Blue Bin (Recycling) Green Caddy (Food Waste) Brown-lidded Bin (Garden Waste) Grey Bin (Household Rubbish) Household Waste and Recycling Centre (HWRC)
Aerosols   Blue Bin       HWRC
Aluminium foil (clean)   Blue Bin       HWRC
Aluminium foil (dirty)         Grey Bin HWRC
Animal bedding         Grey Bin HWRC
Animal litter         Grey Bin HWRC
Asbestos           HWRC
Ashes from fire (cold)         Grey Bin HWRC
Bedding and blankets         Grey Bin HWRC
Biscuit and sweet tins/tubs   Blue Bin       HWRC
Black bags (full or empty)         Grey Bin HWRC
Bleach bottles   Blue Bin       HWRC
Books Blue Bag         HWRC
Bubble wrap         Grey Bin HWRC
Bulky household Items           HWRC
Cables           HWRC
Car batteries           HWRC
Card Blue Bag         HWRC
Cardboard Blue Bag         HWRC
Carrier bags          Grey Bin HWRC
Cartons / tetra pak         Grey Bin HWRC
Catalogues Blue Bag         HWRC
Ceramics         Grey Bin HWRC
Cereal boxes Blue Bag         HWRC
Christmas decorations         Grey Bin HWRC
Cling film         Grey Bin HWRC
Clothing and footwear         Grey Bin HWRC
Coat hangers         Grey Bin HWRC
Coffee pods/capsules         Grey Bin HWRC
Contact lenses         Grey Bin HWRC
Cooking oil           HWRC
Cotton buds         Grey Bin HWRC
Cotton wool         Grey Bin HWRC
Crisp packets         Grey Bin HWRC
Crockery         Grey Bin HWRC
Cushions         Grey Bin HWRC
Cutlery         Grey Bin HWRC
Deodorant cans   Blue Bin       HWRC
Deodorants Roll-on         Grey Bin HWRC
Disposable BBQ
Cool for 48 hours or soak in water
        Grey Bin HWRC
Drinks cans   Blue Bin       HWRC
Egg boxes (Cardboard) Blue Bag         HWRC
Egg boxes (Plastic)   Blue Bin       HWRC
Electrical household items (like TVs, fridges)           HWRC
Envelopes Blue Bag         HWRC
Face masks and disposable gloves         Grey Bin  
Flowers       Brown-lidded Bin Grey Bin HWRC
Fluorescent lighting           HWRC
Foil food trays   Blue Bin       HWRC
Food and drink pouches         Grey Bin HWRC
Food cans   Blue Bin       HWRC
Food tins   Blue Bin       HWRC
Food waste     Green Caddy     HWRC
Furniture           HWRC
Garden tools         Grey Bin HWRC
Gas bottles           HWRC
Glass bottles and jars (broken)   Blue Bin     Grey Bin HWRC
Glass bottles   Blue Bin       HWRC
Glass jars   Blue Bin       HWRC
Glasses (spectacles)         Grey Bin HWRC
Glassware         Grey Bin HWRC
Grass       Brown-lidded Bin Grey Bin HWRC
Greetings cards Blue Bag         HWRC
Household batteries           HWRC
Incontinence pads (Non-Infectious)         Grey Bin HWRC
Junk mail Blue Bag         HWRC
Kitchen Roll         Grey Bin HWRC
Kitchen Roll Tube (cardboard) Blue Bag          
Leaves       Brown-lidded Bin Grey Bin HWRC
Light bulbs           HWRC
Magazines Blue Bag         HWRC
Medicine bottles   Blue Bin       HWRC
Metal bottle tops   Blue Bin       HWRC
Metal lids from glass jars   Blue Bin       HWRC
Mobile phones           HWRC
Nappies         Grey Bin HWRC
Newspapers Blue Bag         HWRC
Oils, paints, disinfectants and solvents           HWRC
Paint tins           HWRC
Padded envelopes (with bubble wrap)         Grey Bin HWRC
Paper Blue Bag         HWRC
Perfume / Aftershave bottles   Blue Bin       HWRC
Pet food pouches         Grey Bin HWRC
Pet food tins   Blue Bin       HWRC
Pet waste         Grey Bin HWRC
Pillows and duvets         Grey Bin HWRC
Pizza boxes (clean) Blue Bag         HWRC
Pizza boxes (with food on)         Grey Bin HWRC
Plant pots (ceramic and plastic)         Grey Bin HWRC
Plants and weeds       Brown-lidded Bin Grey Bin HWRC
Plasterboard           HWRC
Plastic bottles   Blue Bin       HWRC
Plastic bottle tops   Blue Bin       HWRC
Plastic wrap         Grey Bin HWRC
Plastic food pots, tubs and trays   Blue Bin       HWRC
Plastic toys         Grey Bin HWRC
Polystyrene         Grey Bin HWRC
Power leads           HWRC
Pringles tube packaging         Grey Bin HWRC
Pump tops from hand wash bottles   Blue Bin       HWRC
Pyrex         Grey Bin HWRC
Sanitary products (non-infectious)         Grey Bin HWRC
Saucepans         Grey Bin HWRC
Screws and nails (Used)         Grey Bin HWRC
Shampoo / conditioner bottles   Blue Bin       HWRC
Shoes         Grey Bin HWRC
Shredded paper Blue Bag         HWRC
Small branches       Brown-lidded Bin Grey Bin HWRC
Small electrical items (e.g. hairdryer, kettle, iron)           HWRC
Soil           HWRC
Tablets blister packs         Grey Bin HWRC
Telephone directories Blue Bag         HWRC
Tissues         Grey Bin HWRC 
Toilet tissue roll tube (cardboard) Blue Bag          
Toothpaste boxes Blue Bag         HWRC
Toothpaste pump bottles (the upright bottles, rather than the tubes)         Grey Bin HWRC
Toothpaste tubes         Grey Bin HWRC
Tupperware         Grey Bin HWRC
Twigs       Brown-lidded Bin Grey Bin HWRC
Vacuum cleaner dust         Grey Bin HWRC
Vegetable peelings     Green Caddy     HWRC
Videos / VHS / CDs and DVDs         Grey Bin HWRC
Wallpaper         Grey Bin HWRC
Washing powder boxes Blue Bag         HWRC
Washing up liquid bottles   Blue Bin       HWRC
Water filters         Grey Bin HWRC
Wood         Grey Bin HWRC
Wrapping paper (no plastic or glitter) Blue Bag         HWRC
Yoghurt pots   Blue Bin       HWRC



Last updated 26 April 2021

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