Astley Family of Newcastle

Wednesday, 13 June 7pm

A talk by local historian Andrew Dobraszczyc

This illustrated talk will outline the history of five generations of the Astley family in Newcastle-under-Lyme.  Beginning with Philip Astley, the grandfather of Philip Astley, the equestrian and circus master, down to James Astley Hall, a hat manufacturer, who died in Newcastle a hundred and fifty years later. 

It will show how events in Newcastle in the 1740s had a lasting impact on the young Philip Astley and how the legacy from his relative, Richard Milligane, the Newcastle postmaster, enabled him to open a riding school in London. And how the connection between Philip Astley and his family in Newcastle was maintained as a result of their business connections in South London near to where Philip Astley built his amphitheatre and his residence, Hercules Hall.

Tickets are £7.50 with tea and biscuits included.

Places are limited so pre-booking is essential.

If you would like to book, or for any more information, please ring 01782 619705 or email

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Last updated 15 April 2018