Council Tax discount and exemptions for single persons and disregarded adults

The standard Council Tax bill assumes that there are two adults living in the property. If only one adult lives in a property (as their main home) the Council Tax bill can be reduced.

Certain people will be disregarded when looking at the number of adults who live in a property if they meet certain conditions.

How much is the discount?

There are a few discount options available:

  • if all the adults are disregarded, there is a 50% discount
  • if all but one of the adults living at the property is disregarded, there is a 25% discount
  • if there are two or more adults who are not disregarded, there is no discount

How to get the discount

Please let us know about your household by selecting what best describes your situation from the pages in this section.

Each page explains who would be eligible, what you need to apply and how to apply for the Council Tax discount or exemption.