Council Tax discount and exemptions for single persons and disregarded adults

Severely mentally impaired adult(s)

If an adult who lives at the property is severely mental impaired, please apply for a Council Tax discount.

An exemption is also available if:

  • all residents are severely mental impaired, or
  • there is only one resident, and that person is severely mental impaired

What you will need to apply 

You will be asked for: 

  • the Council Tax account number this discount applies to
  • name and date of birth of the severely mental impaired person or persons
  • benefits that they receive or are entitled to
  • copies of award letters or a letter from the DWP to confirm benefit entitlement
  • date benefit(s) started
  • doctor information
  • name and details of the person completing the form

How to apply

To apply for this discount or exemption, please have the above details ready and complete our short online form.

Apply for a single person discount or exemption

What happens next?

Your submitted application form will be sent to our Council Tax team.

We will review your application and contact you. You should hear from us within 10 working days.