Recycling, household rubbish and garden waste subscription collection policies

Developers and new properties

The council uses the Environmental Protection Act (1990) to make a charge for the provision of sets of containers for new domestic properties.

This principle applies whether it is a single new property being built, or a large development. The charge is set out in the annual fees and charges document, available on the council website. There is no discount available for purchasing multiple sets of containers.

We encourage developers to contact us at an early stage in the planning process to discuss what is required and when, so that specific arrangements can be made. We can provide containers in bulk to be issued to residents by the developer as each property is completed. This is often the most convenient arrangement for the new occupiers, as it means that the containers can be available as soon as they move in, a time when much additional waste, such as packaging, is created.

For collections to start, a property must be being lived in and have council tax being paid on it.