Recycling, household rubbish and garden waste subscription collection policies


The council will always try to respond initially to problems around the collection services with help, advice and information. However, the council has to do everything possible to ensure that collected materials are supplied uncontaminated to reprocessors in order to avoid costly penalty charges.

Where our crews find a contaminated container it will be clearly stickered and left, and our back office systems will generate letters advising residents of what they are doing wrong. After a third contamination instance within the specified period, an officer will attempt to engage in person with residents at the property. This process may lead to cancellation of recycling collections at the property and the removal of the recycling containers. No additional household waste capacity will be provided in such circumstances.

If waste associated with the household is subsequently located in alleys, on pavements or other locations, it may be regarded as fly tipping and lead to enforcement action, in accordance with the council's enforcement policy.

We take very seriously the problems that contaminated, abandoned and misused bins cause in our neighbourhoods because we know that residents do, too. 

Our approach to this is detailed in ‘clean materials: tidy streets’, a separate document which covers this in more detail.

Where residents fly tip waste or use services in an irresponsible way their actions may lead to enforcement action.

The decisions of the council and its officers about enforcement action, and in particular the decision to prosecute, have serious implications for all involved. The aim of the enforcement policy is to set out the principles that apply when the Council conducts its enforcement work and should be read in conjunction with the scheme of delegation. By applying the same principles, everyone involved in the decision-making process is treated fairly, and our business is conducted effectively. We believe that businesses and individuals should know the approach that will be taken by the council where enforcement is warranted and should have confidence that officers will ensure that their approach is:  

  • focused
  • fair
  • firm
  • accountable
  • consistent
  • proportionate
  • transparent