Recycling, household rubbish and garden waste subscription collection policies

When we can’t get to you

Sometimes we are unable to make a collection because of problems getting access to your property. This is most often caused by inconsiderately parked vehicles or roadworks. Where this happens, collection staff will already have told us that the collection wasn’t possible, so you will not need to report a missed collection.

If you check our website you will see streets listed which we have been unable to get our vehicles into. Where this happens we will make two further attempts to reach you on the next working day after your collection was scheduled. If we are still unable to reach you, please keep everything until the next scheduled collection.

Sometimes we’re unable to make a scheduled collection because of collection vehicle breakdowns. We will always do our best to get a different vehicle to you, but sometimes this isn’t possible. When this happens, we’ll know which locations we need to return to, and will schedule these for priority returns on the morning of the next working day. You do not need to ring us.