Recycling, household rubbish and garden waste subscription collection policies

Flats and apartments

For the servicing of flats and some new developments (where there is a purpose-built allocated bin collection point) shared communal bins will be required. These will usually be 1100 litre or 660 litre bins for residual waste and recycling. At some sites where space/access is limited smaller sized bins may be used.  We will always try to install shared containers as these require less ground space.

Residents of flats are required to segregate their waste and recycling. The council will work with residents and landlords to encourage recycling. The crew are instructed not to collect communal recycling bins that contain unacceptable materials. Instances will be recorded by the crew. The collection crew are not permitted to remove unacceptable materials from communal bins. The disposal of the rejected material then becomes the responsibility of the resident/landlord/managing agent.

Access to the communal bins should be clear on the scheduled day of emptying. The collection crews will not move excess waste or bulky items that prevent the bins being manoeuvred from the storage area to the collection vehicle. The collection crews will report instances where access is blocked. Any bin store keys or codes that are required to access the bins should be provided to the council.

Only waste contained in the communal bins will be collected on the scheduled collection day. Any other waste not contained in the communal bins is the responsibility of the resident/landlord/managing agent.

If a request is made, the council may agree to clear waste or contaminated recycling on a non-scheduled collection, but this service is chargeable and charged for on the basis of it being trade waste.

If bins are damaged or stolen from the site, we may levy a charge for their replacement, in line with trade refuse container charges.