Recycling, household rubbish and garden waste subscription collection policies

Weekly food waste service


We provide a small 7 litre silver caddy to use in your kitchen, and caddy bags to use as liners for it, and a 21 litre robust green caddy to decant tied liners into and present on collection day.

When you get near the end of your roll of caddy liners tie one, or another bag, onto the handle of your green caddy on collection day so that crews can leave you a new roll.

We make a charge for the delivery of new, additional and replacement containers. Keep containers safely within your property between collections.

Extra capacity

If you need more caddies for your food waste, we will deliver them within 10 working days. Contact us through the website, by email or by phone.


If you put things which we don’t collect in your food waste caddy we will not be able to empty it, so your caddy will be left. We’ll put a bright sticker on your container advising you that it contains the wrong materials and record it on our in-cab devices.

You must bring the container back within your property boundary. We will follow up the sticker with an advice letter to your property.  

If you remove the contaminating item, we will empty the container on the next scheduled collection day.